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Consulting & Services for Movies . Television . Radio . Video . Audio . Music . Print . Social Media . Web . Promotion . Marketing . Advertising, Publicity & PR



The Ritz-Carlton, Lagun Niguel, Dana Point

VertiZontal Media Resource provides motion picture, television, video, audio, print media, books and music services.  We provide creative, development, production and distribution consulting and services for motion pictures, television, video, audio, print media, books and music.  We can stategize and implement promotions, marketing and advertising plans.  We do movie, television and video acquisitions, and distribution. Book writing, editing and publishing for digital, print and audio books.  We offer media consulting and management of media projects.  

Web Creation, blogs, and social media presence, marketing and promotions.  Results-oriented with an entrepreneurial attitude.  Skilled in talent recruiting, financial management and client relations.  I'm a visionary  executive with solid experience managing all levels of multiple projects including writing screenplays, TV & video scripts, ads, promos, PSA's, newsletters and blogs.  We offer consulting and services for media projects that need financing via private placement memorandums as well as financial development for non-profits.  Demonstrated ability to deliver mission-critical results.  

We are Personable, Positive, Pragmatic, Proactive, Productive, Proficient.

        Consulting for Movies, TV, Video, Audio, Print & Music  

       Writer, Producer-Director Services

       Advisory & Professional Team Building

       Media Project Management

       Media Creative Services

       TV, Video Acquisitions & Distribution

       Media Development & Production

       Branding & Public Relations

I look forward to hear from you and discuss your media and music projects.

Best regards,

David Cook

VertiZontal Media

816.257.0704 office